About Fencing Workout

Posted on January 24th, 2008 by Me

Fencing is a beautiful and very challenging sport. Many consider a fencing bout to be a workout by itself, which is partially true, but the muscles that are being worked on are different and the tension is distributed unevenly. On this site we will introduce you to the great techniques used by eastern european fencers to improve their fencing skills. You can find this workout ideas on the DVD called fencing workout which will demonstrate the best techniques, warm-ups, stretches, and pre competition workouts for the arms and legs intended to help you to achieve great improvements in fencing.

IPhone version of the workout is available on DVD

Foot workout

What is more important in fencing, blade control or foot work? There is no direct answer; both are important, but many fencers tend to switch their attention to speed and precision of the weapon and totally forgetting that the feet are what are keeping your opponent guessing: how did I miss?

What you can expect to improve:

Body strength

Building core strength is very important in improving overall fencing performance:

Concentrate on building fast performing muscles and not on gaining muscle weight. Use preferably light 2lb-5lb weights but do exercises at a maximum speed.